Barbara Maher

The effects of air pollution on health

Date: Thursday 7th November

Hour: 6:30 PM

Place: Antoni Tàpies Foundation (C/d'Aragó, 255. Barcelona)

Free entrance. Sign up here. 

Our cities are increasingly populated dynamic systems where millions of people move daily. Mobility through dense traffic networks, by private car or public transport, creates complex patterns of urban pollution with an increasingly clear and remarkable effect on human health.  The worrying interaction between climate change and increases in extremely hot days in summer,  temperature inversions, and the high stability and stagnation of air masses in cities such as Barcelona, Rome, Athens or Marseille can lead to extreme situations with the potential to become a severe public health problem. How these phenomena change and affect people's health in the near future is increasingly becoming a central issue for public health agendas in many European cities with high levels of pollution. Where does this issue currently stand, and what real effects does pollution have on health? How might this situation be exacerbated by climate change?

The guest speaker on this occasion will be Barbara Maher, Professor of Environmental Science at Lancaster University. She is Co-director of the Center of Environmental Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism, and researches magnetic nanoparticles in pollution, and their effects on health.

The lecture will be moderated by Xavier Rodó, ICREA professor and researcher, and head of the "Climate and Health" program from ISGLOBAL

The conference will be in English, with a simultaneous translation service in Catalan.