Fundació Catalunya Europa RE-CITY

Webinar: Proposals to fight against inequalities

The webinar, chaired by Pere Almeda, took place in June 26th.

Liberal democracies have to reconnect with citizen-based demands that claim for a response to the growing inequalities. Public policies have to govern the main vectors that move the economy, guiding them to the common good and the general interest. Empower democratic institutions to change social and economic dynamics and reforming current trends that fracture our societies.
As part of the global Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 10 aims to reduce inequalities within and among countries by the year 2030. If we do not respond decisively to the systemic crises we face and are unable to reverse the current situation, we are heading for economic, social and environmental collapse.

This webinar is the second of a cycle of 3 webinars about inequalities organized jointly with the Catalonia-Europe Foundation. Re-City, an International Platform for Social Sustainability, is a project developed by Fundació Catalunya Europa and supported by Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (Barcelona Metropolitan Area), the Barcelona City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya, la Caixa and The Club of Rome.