Kate Pickett

Effects and consequences of inequality


Epidemiologist Kate Pickett will reflect on the social consequences of current levels of inequality in contemporary societies. Inequalities that are not only related on unequal access to economic resources, but also has an impact on scenarios that go beyond the labor market or capital, and are related to a series of imbalances that break the cohesion and welfare of our societies. Problems that range from physical or mental health, drug use, school dropout, increased jailed population, obesity, violence to exclusion. In addition, in a context of globalization, these new tensions appear in a diverse way and intensity in different countries and societies, thus generating new spaces of inequality.

The objective of this session is to review some of the main impacts that the existence of inequalities entails in the development of democratic societies that seek, by their own idiosyncrasy, to guarantee a certain level of development and social cohesion.


Kate Pickett is professor of Epidemiology at the University of York, founder of Equality Trust and author of the book The Spirit Level.