What is Re-City?

Re-City is an international platform for Social Sustainability that wants to face the great global challenges of today and bring proposals for change and real transformation. It is a project that is born to rethink, rethink and react from the cities to the main economic, social and environmental challenges that affect the planet.

We want to make Barcelona a benchmark in the debate and dialogue between the academic, scientific, social, citizen, business and political sectors to provide specific ideas and solutions.

What are the challenges?

The Re-City platform began in June 2017 with a cycle of lectures for debate and reflection dedicated to one of the great global challenges: social inequalities. But along with this cycle, which still continues, we have set more challenges for the coming years.

These are the four major...





Participates in the Challenge
Participates in the Challenge "Facing Climate Change"
Collaborates in the challenge
Collaborates in the challenge "Combating Inequalities"
Collaborates in the Challenge
Collaborates in the Challenge "Combating Inequalities"